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Centrifuge operation - rotors operation and daily maintenance

Author£º Date£º2015-01-19

    (1)The user should install and uninstall the rotors rightly. The rotors should be taken out from the centrifuge chamber when they are not used. The users should wipe the rotors and make them try and clean, and then lubricating oiling.


    (2) Select the right rotors. It's forbidden to use a low-speed rotor when the centrifuge is in the high-speed working mode. Otherwise, it will result in rotor damage and incident;


    (3) It?'s forbidden to use the rotors which have very serious corrosion.


    (4) As the rotor will cause the material fatigue damage during the long-term operation, it's better to make a use of time recording, when the rotor reaches the deadline, it couldnot be used anymore even if there is not any problem.


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