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Centrifuge Safety protection - centrifuge rotor balance detection

Author£º Date£º2018-04-11

   Inside the centrifuge, there is a controller used to control the balance of the centrifuge rotor. If the rotor is wrongly installed or if the testing samples are not put in equally, or if the centrifuge is not in a horizontal ground, there will be a strong vibration when the centrifuge is running. If the unbalance is overtopping the tolerance, the unbalance protection function will work and the power will be cut off automatically to make the centrifuge decelerate. At this moment, the alert indicates lamp will be lighted up. Only after solve the unbalance problem, the centrifuge can be restarted again. When the centrifuge is accelerating, and during the speeding up and around the critical speed, there will be a slight vibration. This is normal and acceptable.


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