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Centrifuge Safety protection - Inner electronic door locking protection

Author£º Date£º2016-11-28

   The centrifuge door can be open and closed normally, only when the centrifuge is in the open status and when the rotor is at rest. If the door is not completely closed, the rotor will not run. This function protects the centrifuge and the operator from wrong and improper operation.


   When the centrifuge can??t run normally, operators must open the door to take out the samples. When the abnormal situation happens, operate in the following way:

    1. Power off when the centrifuge is running. Take out of the samples when the rotor stops running.

    2. If the driving strap is broken when the centrifuge is running, operators need to stop the centrifuge forcibly and take out of the samples. When the two situations happen, turn off the power switch first and make sure the rotor is stopped. Then use the tool hand pole, put it into the small hole which is besides the door switch and at the same time, pull the snib, the door will be open. When the centrifuge is operated the first time, the user also needs to open the door in this way. 


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