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Blood Thaw Machine BLT-4

Product name£ºBlood Thaw Machine BLT-4

Product No.£ºBLT-4

Main Parameter


BLT-4 /  BLT-8

Max. Capacity

4 bags of FFP / 8 bags of FFP



Thawing box volume    

6L / 15L

Temp. Accuracy

More or less than 0.5 Degree


Less than 8min


400*450*360 mm


30kgs / 50kgs

Power supply

AC 220V,50Hz, 5A



Product Features

1. Computer controlled high accuracy.

2. Basket unit for easy loading; special basket unit for swing

3. Temperature controlled by double circuits for safety

4. Easy operation interface, computer-controlled, digital display screen

5. Short thawing time, adapted to users needs

6. Stainless steal chamber and basket unit, anti-causticity force

7. Equipped with higher temperature alarming safety system to protect bags of FFP


It is an ideal machine for fast thawing plasma, blood serum and other components from blood banks and clinical treatment in hospitals. Widely used in blood banks, biochemical laboratories, hospitals etc.




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